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Smoke or vape?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Did you know that vaping is one of the safest ways to consume cannabis? And it can also be a great damage reduction strategy! This is all because, as we have already explained, vaporization does not produce combustion and prevents the ingestion of harmful and carcinogenic substances. Vaporization also allows the flavor of cannabis to be tasted with greater intensity than when smoked.

Temperature control is also an advantage of vaporization, which varies from 93ºC to 480ºC. Temperature allows you to control the cannabis experience by defining the taste or amount of cannabinoids ingested.

Regarding Medicinal Cannabis, doctors always recommend vaporization, especially for patients who cannot smoke, because vaporization does not contain the toxins in the smoke. Another advantage of vaporization is that you can have the medicinal effects very quickly, unlike combustion, which can take a few hours to start to take effect.

To differentiate vaporization from combustion, we can cite the results: when you vaporize, you inhale the vapor of the substance. With combustion, the product that ends up in your lungs is denser smoke. While in steam you find particles of water and its extract, in smoke you have several potentially toxic substances - such as soot, tar, paper residues, among others.

Therefore, we can say that vaping is a cleaner and safer way to consume cannabis.


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